Solved Exercises from Xavier Pinto’s Workbook Treasure Trove Volume-II: Short Stories

The eBook Contains Xavier Pinto’s Workbook Answers to All 10 Stories

1. Chief Seattle’s Speech – Chief Seattle
2. Old Man at the Bridge – Ernest Hemingway
3. A Horse and Two Goats – R K Narayan
4. Hearts and Hands – O Henry
5. A Face in the Dark – Ruskin Bond
6. An Angel in Disguise – Timothy Shay Arthur
7. The Little Match Girl – Hans Christian Andersen
8. The Blue Bead – Norah Burke
9. My Greatest Olympic Prize – Jesse Owens
10. All Summer in a Day – Ray Bradbury

 The eBook Contains Xavier Pinto's Workbook Answers to All 10 Stories

Sample Answer from “The Blue Bead

Question (v): The author says, “Now nothing could pierce the inch-thick armoured hide”. What does she mean by the sentence given above? Why does she say so?
Answer (v): Over the years, the crocodile had grown, from a baby crocodile vulnerable to birds of prey and carnivorous fishes, into a juggernaut so ferocious and formidable that nothing could pierce his inch-thick armoured hide. The author is suggesting that the crocodile is invincible as he is covered with thick armour-like hide which weapons cannot pierce.
The author is describing the strength of the crocodile in detail as foreshadow of violent conflict which was going to take place between crocodile and Sibia later in the day. And, how brave Sibia uses her presence of mind to overpower the crocodile and save the Gujar woman’s life.

Sample Answer from "The Blue Bead"

Sample Answer from “Chief Seattle’s Speech”

Question (iv): State the message sent by the White Chief to the native people. What is the reaction of Chief Seattle to the message?
Answer (iv): White Chief sent a message expressing his wish to buy the land of the native people and was willing to offer them enough land to live comfortably.
Chief Seattle reacted by saying that the message appeared just, even generous, for the Red Man no longer has rights on their land, and the offer of reservation for native people seemed to be wise as their population was declining and are no longer in need for an extensive country.

Sample Answer from "Chief Seattle’s Speech"


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Completely Solved with Authentic Answers
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Written by Panel of Authors
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Recommended by Teachers

Solved Exercises from Xavier Pinto’s Workbook Treasure Trove Volume-II: Short Stories
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