Information Obfuscator Roller Stamp


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1. Width of roller stamp: about 3.5 cm /1.37 “. Material: plastic + special photosensitive material
2. It is a good substitute to the shredder: The paper can be recycled with the use of roller seal no need of shredder. Safe and environmentally friendly.
3. Time saving: The ink dries quickly and the stamps work well on all plain paper, envelopes and parcels and can cover a lot of private information in a fast and clean way. Easy operation, the information will be covered just by sliding.
4. Unique privacy protection design, specifically used to cover important text information.
5. Unlimited re-coverage: stamp length up to 100m / 328.08ft. You can refill the ink on the stamp when the ink runs out (ink not included).
6. Application: can cover the personal address and telephone of your express waybill, bank bills, utilities bill to prevent personal privacy disclosure.
7. It can provide the best protection of your information security and is the perfect gift for your family, friends and you.







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